Teaming with our customers, we focus on establishing a common understanding of the decision support solution being sought. Together we author a consistent vision that will form the foundation of the client expectations to be met. This conceptual model can then be easily communicated to a larger community of stakeholders as warranted by the scope of the endeavor.
The relevance of a delivered solution is linked to how effectively it solves the issue at hand and its timeliness. In this context, the key to success is transferring the knowledge efficiently and effectively between client and technical team.
We provide a structured approach to optimize the knowledge transfer;
  • the business process is segmented in rational layers to enable a rapid turnover of analysis,
  • the segments are systematically analyzed to ensure the highest accuracy,
  • using RAD tools, a prototype is offered to validate the expectations.

Spectra FX provides a champion to take on this challenge, the architect. He is the pivot point between business and IT, fitting the solution in the landscape of the business environment.
To realize your vision, the fit-to-use will be maximized through custom RAD tools and methods applied by a Spectra FX architect.