We consistently implement solutions with positive results for our clients. The solutions are relevant, effective, robust and efficiently produced. It is achieved by nesting the coding itself within a comprehensive frame of reference.
Solutions are delivered in the real world, to resolve real business cases, and are used by real people. These realities reflect the multiple facets of any given mandate. To succeed, the commonalities of the elements must be aligned and centered on the resolution of the business issues.
The code produced is the most tangible portion of our contribution to the client-Spectra FX team. When objectively measured, the high quality, cost-effectiveness and the productivity in which the solution is generated is a reflection of the frame of reference used when forging solutions. The perspectives include:

  • Conception of the solution addresses the client needs
  • Alignment with CMMi acknowledges the impact of the SWDLC
  • Development frameworks and standards provide a stable baseline (.NET, W3C)
  • Methodology ensures functional integrity through CSLA and the business objects model
  • Validated and configured HW/SW environments enables synchronize development with the client’s infrastructure
  • Tools are selected and adapted for optimized productivity, such as templates, Nunit, FX Cop, N-doc, source safe
  • Coding standards entrenches robustness in the code itself

Our scientists investigate existing and emerging technologies, methodologies, tools and techniques to get an intimate knowledge of where and how they are best applied. This strategy has resulted in a unique vertical integration of development practices, covering SW lifecycle to coding tools.
It has paid off where solutions implemented by SW engineers repeatedly yield high quality, productivity and cost effectiveness. Ultimately, our customers have and continue to receive competitive edge solutions meeting their particular business needs.
Our custom development paradigm maximizes productivity.